Meet Liam

Liam JacksonSince a very young age Liam has been drawn to the arts. His early pieces showed great promise and he was encouraged to continue to press on. What followed was a lifetime of passionate pursuit for great pieces or art.

Liam attended Northbrook Art College where he studied fine art. Upon completion he found himself busied by life and ultimately put his brushes down for a season. 10 year would go by before he picked them up again. In 2012 while studying in the states he was pulled once again back into his first love. During a warm summer afternoon he painted the watercolour BIG BEN piece here on the site…his passion was reborn once again and he hasn’t looked back since.

Aside from art Liam is also a musician and an all around nice guy. He loves his beautiful wife and spending time with his new baby. When he isn’t painting you can find him on stage playing with local bands, hanging out with family and friends, or lounging at home watching his favourite movie.

If you would like to contact Liam please feel free to send him a message using the Contact Page.